Aena Embedded Experts Lab Provide These Services

PCB Design Experts Lab

Aena Embedded Experts Lab provide the Design solution by our Expert team.

Embedded Software Solutions.

To meet the precise requirements of our clients, we are involved in providing Software Maintenance Service to our customers.

Pcb Manufacturing

Controlled Impedance: 4/6 layer, default layer stack-up, Layer count: 1-20 Layers

PCB Stencil for SMT Mounting

Aena PCB has the technical ability to provide stencils in both single process and dual process. Today’s complex PCBs with the various components require different solder paste volumes. Aena PCB has the technical expertise to optimize the stencil by using various foil thicknesses on the same stencil, this allows the ability to control solder paste deposit in fine pitch areas while printing sufficient solder on coarse pitch areas

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